Why the Smartwatch Trend is Here to Stay

The growing trend of buying Smartwatches reveals the changing consumer behaviour. World’s technology giants like Apple, Garmin, Vivoactive, Samsung Gear etc. have introduced their own smartwatches to club with their smartphones or other compatible devices. As stated by the director of Android Wear, David Singleton, in the next 50 years of time everyone would learn to live a life with wearable technology and all of us would be living like this. The rising demand of smartwatches has immersed with the growing need of consumers. People demand a gadget which can keep them accountable, and fitness monitors are a bonus for most. This leads them to invest in wearable devices like Fitness bands and Smartwatches.

What Does the Current Trend Say

If the facts and figures are to be believed, the smartwatch technology will witness a tremendous growth and will amount to 70% of the total wearable technology shipments by 2019. As per another data published by International Data Corporation (IDC), the shipment of wearable devices has seen a whopping increase of 67.2% since 2015, which is quite a big number.

Another study made by Garner Inc. points on the same lines and it says that smartwatches sales is on a rising trend currently. As per the same forecast, the total sales of wearable electronic devices would be about 274.6 million units globally by the end of 2016, which clearly indicates 18.4% increase in sales compared to 2015 when 232 million units were sold globally. As far as the revenue generation is concerned, wearable electronics will generate $28.7 billion in the year 2016 in which $11.5 billion would be fetched only by smartwatch business.

With big players like Apple and Samsung investing resources in research and development of hi-tech devices, the user base would increase by 48% in 2017 as compared to 2015, a big move indeed. The increased sales of smartphones would also indirectly boost the sales of smartwatches as both are connected!

Currently smartwatches segment is explored by only a small section of the society as it comes under premium gadget category. Soon, it will penetrate strongly in the urban market as the rates are competitive as many big and small companies are bringing in this gadget to Indian market. Chinese players are also doing their best by introducing feature packed smartwatches in affordable range and forming a habit of using it in Indian market.

Why Smartwatches?

Smartwatches are quiet useful because of their versatile features. They have different apps that can be very useful while working outdoors, travelling, workouts etc. Some carry a camera which stays on the strap of the watch to take pictures with ease. Smartwatches are now available for Android, Windows and iOS platforms, which are the most popular operating systems for smartphones.

Without having to pull out their phone often, users can answer calls, send messages, store pictures and navigate. The trend suggests that smartwatches will be the future as it is the only way when things can go really online and automation can be rooted to its best.

Top Smartwatch Brands in 2016

There are a lot many smartwatch makers now, as mentioned above. The market still remains to be dominated by a few key players, here are the top 4 of them

This smartwatch is offered by technology leader Apple. Its design has set a trend in the fashion industry. With the best quality and design, it is available in both 38 mm and 42 mm. It has intelligent interface and has battery capacity of one day. Apple Smartwatch has a compact design and is equipped with all the latest features.

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung smartwatch is leading the industry with its Rotating Bexel, Tizen Operating System, Amoled screen and stylish design. The screen of Samsung smartwatch has Amoled display and is sharp, vivacious and circular. It has a storage capacity of 4GB and has dual core 1.0Ghz processor. Its IP rating is IP68 and has Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.

Moto 360

Moto smartwatch has attractive design and it offers great performance. It has a modular feature and comes with different size options which makes it is very comfortable to wear. The storage capacity of this smartwatch is 4 GB and has Quad core 1.2GHz processor. Its battery can last for 1.5- 2 days and is compatible with Android and iOS.

Pebble Time

This smartwatch has excellent features and battery life. It can keep charged for up to 10 days. It also carries intuitive interface and color Ink display. The design of this smartwatch is sleek and is supported by more than 6000 apps. It has water-resistant feature and is comfortable to wear. This smartwatch is available in multiple color variants, Black, Grey, orange, White and Red. It shows notifications for calls, messages and emails. It can work with different types of fitness apps and also has e-Paper display which allows user to read comfortably in sunlight.

You will find many smartwatch options to go with your phone, all you need to do is find one in your budget!

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