CES 2016: 8 Cool Devices To Watch Out For

Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016 has been in news from quite a long time. On the event dates (6-9 Jan) the internet was flooded with the launch of gadgets, cars, droids etc. Even Netflix announced its entry in India and other 130 countries. The event was held in the casino crowded town of Las Vegas. It was all about things that people would see in the store shelves soon, from a car that looks like a bat mobile to a selfie drone.

Here’s a list of eight cool-tech innovations launched in CES this year:

L’Oreal My UV Patch

These are small stickers-like tiny wearables that stick to your skin and gives you information about your health. These stickers stick to your hand and connect with your smartphone. When the user goes out in the sun, the stickers change their colour and the app in your phone will notify you if the you’ve had enough of sunlight. The user will have to take out his phone and read the NFC monitor on the patch to know how much sunlight have they consumed. Price: Free, to be included with L’Oreal products.

ONAGOfly, The Smart Nano Drone

This is a tiny drone of dimensions: 5” square and 2” tall. The best thing about this small drone is- how simple is it to fly and take pictures with it. The user just needs to toss it in the air and the drone will follow the user via GPS, or you can just control it using the app. The drone takes perfect selfies with its 15 megapixel camera and can capture a 1080p HD video. Tell the drone to follow and it will record everything, from a biking adventure to a family party. Price: $200

Recon Snow2 Ski Goggles

Using goggles as a display screen, the Snow2 Ski goggles will show details on speed, distance and even the airtime with integrated sensors. The device includes a GPS which lets you keep an eye on the ways and your friends (When they are out of sight). It also connects wirelessly with your phone and lets you receive calls, texts or just play some music. Recon is selling similar gadgets for running, biking and paintball. Price: $550.

Ili Wearable Translator

Ili is a wearable device that has a speaker, a user can wear it like a necklace and speak to it. The device converts the sentence to the desired language and the speaker attached to it speaks the message out loud. Currently, the device supports English, Japanese and Chinese but will soon come out in French, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. The USP of this device is that it doesn’t require any internet connection and has a built in library of words. Price: $200

Sony Bravia 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs

No CES is possible without the launch of TVs- slim TVs, big TVs etc. Everyone around has been talking about 4K TVs for long and this year they get to experience it. Sony launched a series of 4K TV sets under its brand ‘Bravia’. It’s latest models include Bravia XBR-X850D (55″, 65″, 75″ and 85”), the XBR-X930D (55″ and 65”), and the XBR-X940D (75”). All of them have 4K, which makes the pixels four times more, giving consumer better quality, enhanced colours and brightness levels. Also, these sets integrate HDR and comes with smart backlight that dims and brightens the colors on the screen, so the user gets darker blacks and finer colours.

Kodak Super 8 Camera

Remember the Kodak 8 Cameras? What’s old has now turned into the new and cool. Old school favorite Kodak 8 cameras were recently launched in CES 2016. This camera claims to be the next gen for film cameras, the camera shoots on actual 8mm film. The camera looks like the old 70’s era Super 8 camera, though it comes with inbuilt microphone, 3.5” display, also it can be connected via USB, HDMI Cable and SD card. The cost of camera film cartridges ranges from $50-$75 each but that price comes with the cost of film processing and digital transfer. Price: Between $400-$700.

Lenovo Yoga Mouse and Remote Control

This device is a hybrid of a remote control and mouse. The yoga starts with a flat posture, in which the device can be used as a remote for giving presentations, watching movies, or just playing music. The device can be reshaped where then it acts as a mouse. Also, it comes with a rechargable batteries, so the user doesn’t have to worry about the discharging of the device. Price: $70

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

This is one of the coolest tech launched in this event. This device just looks like a normal 3” pendrive which can be plugged in devices. How would it be if the pendrive had a feature like WiFi, where people with smartphones and ultra portable laptops which do not have USB ports can access content through it. Now imagine that 3” pendrive to have a memory of 200GB. This is exactly what SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is offering. So instead of putting everything in your smartphone, you can just carry this. Price: $120 (200GB), $45 (64GB).