10 Cool Gadgets That You Can Buy Right Away

Our world is ever changing, these transformations range from how we consume things to what we wear and how we think. The only union where the entire world unites is convergence in technology. From AI powered robots to drones to changing how humans feel, Here is a list of devices that were once just a dream or an imagination. Today they’re a reality and this reality can be owned at a fairly small price.

1) Sphero BB8

People who have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, already know that they’re up for a treat. Technology has now made it possible to take the same magic people saw on screens to their homes. Those who haven’t seen Star Wars, don’t worry this app-enabled droid will melt you up. The droid learns from your interaction with it, it’s more of a mate you can carry anywhere. Give it voice commands or make it patrol around the house, it notifies you of any activity taking place inside the house.


Listens & Responds: BB-8 recognises and reacts to your voice
Holographic Communication: Record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8
Autonomous Behavior: BB-8 has a mind of its own – explore the Star Wars™ galaxy together
Adaptive Personality: Your BB-8’s unique attitude and actions evolve as you interact
Authentic Movement: Guide your BB-8 with a smartphone or tablet
AI Powered Product

Seller : Sphero
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Price : $149.49

2) Ski Recon Mod Live GPS HUD

This device is specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The gadget attaches to any Recon goggles and gives the user realtime information, direct to eye. The startup was acquired by Intel in June 2015 for $175 million, this vancouver based startup also saw participation of Motorola in its first round of funding.


Instant navigation and speed direct-to-eye with on-board GPS sensor technology
Track your buddies, control your music library and see your texts/incoming calls with smartphone connectivity for Android and iOS
Unobtrusive smart optics that never disrupt your view of the mountain – see your stats when you want them
Upload your trips and interact with your runs overlaid on Google maps
Snap-fits into any Recon Ready goggle and controlled via wireless remote with velcro wrist band

Seller : Recon Instruments
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Time : 3 business days (Delhi NCR & Gurgaon)
Price : $389.95 + Shipping Cost

3) Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadcopter – Sand

This drone was featured at the CES 2016 which happened in LA, the company is one of the first ones to enter the drone industry and its AR Drone 2.0 brings lots of technology with it. This drone works with a WiFi using an app that’s available for iOS and Android powered devices. The device works outside as well as inside, also the device can be controlled by many devices like Nvidia Shield control, Epson Moverio display, Thalmic Myo armband, Zeiss Vision Cinemizer OLED glasses, and Microsoft surface 2.


720p – 30FPS – H264 encoding base profile
Low latency streaming
Video storage on the fly with remote device or with USB flash drive
JPEG photo capture
As you fly, the HD video is recorded and sent directly to your device

Seller : Parrot
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Time : 3 business days
Price : $295 + Shipping

4) Skeye- The smallest drone in the world

If you’ve never experienced flying a drone, this is the right device for you. It’s a mini drone with a HD camera, also its 4 coreless motors gives you the versatility to perform expert takeoffs and vertical climbs. Just insert a MicroSD card and experience the bird’s eye view from your quadcopter. It comes with a camera with LED lights allowing the user to nightfly the drone.


HD Camera
Throw To Fly
RTF (Ready to Fly) Technology
6-Axis Flight Control System with Adjustable Gyro Sensitivity
Stable & Easy to Fly
Aerobatic “Flip” Capability
LED Lights for Night Flights
2-Level Adjustable Controller Sensitivity: Beginner, Experienced

Seller : Trndlabs
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Time : 1 Week
Price : $99 (Free Shipping)

5) Scanmarker Air

How cool would it be if we were just able to select something from the physical world and display on our screens wirelessly. With the Scanmarker Air you can capture, digitize, organize and share text from any paper document, transferring it wirelessly to your computer or smartphone – anywhere, anytime. This device supports iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms.


Wireless Digital Highlighter
Works with PC (Windows)and Mac via either bluetooth or USB
Works with smartphones (Android and iOS) via bluetooth

Seller : Scanmarker
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Date :
Price : $99.95

6) Thync Calm and Energy Wearable

Thync was born out of a fascination with how neuroscience can impact daily life by experts in the fields of neurobiology, neuroscience and consumer electronics. It’s a wearable device that uses neural signalling to change the state of mind. Works through an app which basically has two kinds of options: 1) Energy (Energises you, no matter how hard the day was) 2) Calm (Calms you down, helps you relax and sleep). Wearing it for just 10 minutes can simply turn around the way you’re feeling.


Shift beyond chemical to optimise your performance
A pure, digital solution
Energise yourself without caffeine or supplements
Unwind and sleep better without alcohol or pills
Compatible with iOS and Android powered devices

Seller : Thync
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Time : 3 business days (Delhi NCR & Gurgaon)
Price : $199.00 + Shipping

7) Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity


Fitbit is a company that offers wearable devices to promote healthy lifestyle. Founded by James Park and Eric Friedman the company went public in June last year. This particular device measures heart rate, tracks distance travelled, calories burned, has a caller ID which sends notifications to your watch, tracks your exercises, and also monitors your sleep and sets a silent alarm. These stats can be synced with your smartphone or desktop and can be monitored live.

Let your heart be your guide with Charge HR. Monitor heart rate automatically and continuously right on your wrist

Take control of your goals using Charge HR to record workouts and track all-day activity.

With a comfortable fit and Caller ID, Charge HR lets you stay connected in style. Use Exercise Mode to easily record workouts, see real-time exercise stats and have summaries automatically appear on your Fitbit dashboard
Get a better picture of your overall health by using Charge HR to automatically track how long and how well you sleep.

8) Pebble Time Smartwatch

This is a designed smartwatch that monitors your daily activities. Not only it looks too cool to be smartwatch but also syncs to your smartphone ending the trouble of calls that disturbs you while working out.


Tracks heart rate, steps, distance, calories-burned, floors climbed and active minutes
Harnesses PurePulse™ technology
Watch & OLED Display – see daily stats, the time of day and exercise mode
Automatically monitors your sleep + silent, vibrating alarm
Caller ID – see incoming call notifications
Battery life of 5 days (charges in 1-2 hours)
Water resistant up to 1 ATM (10 metres)
Syncs wirelessly with your devices via Bluetooth 4.0 (range of 20 feet)

Seller : Pebble
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Time : Next Business day
Price : $149.99 (Free Shipping)

9) Samsung SmartThings Hub, 2nd Generation

This iot device was manufactured to be the heart of a home, this device wirelessly connects to hundreds of devices. This control allows user to manage home or anyplace they desire to control by just using an app.


The SmartThings Hub lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere. Automate your home’s lighting and save money on energy costs
Simple Set-up
Controlled through your smart phone with SmartThings app
Range: More than 50-ft, Power Source: In-wall AC (100-240V)

Seller : Samsung SmartThings
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Time : 3 business days
Price : Base

10) Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer connects to your smartphone via the headphone jack and works with a free app (compatible with iOS and Android phones). Clear readout with fever indicator and easy tap symptom selection. Tracks illness history, tracks temperature and symptoms over time for the entire family. Fast easy and accurate simple on-screen instructions make the thermometer easy to use and the app will even alert you if the child causes the thermometer to slip out of place so you always get the most accurate results.

Seller : cart2india2015
Shipping in India : Yes
Delivery Time : Within 15 Business days
Price : Rs 4,199